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These are the Porch Swing Media Network Writers in all their glory:

Jill V. Rowan - Porch Swing Media Network Writer and Blogger

Jill V. Rowan - Porch Swing Media Network Writer and Blogger


Founder—Jill Raises the Bar

Jillian is an actor-turned-acting teacher in Southeastern Louisiana.  She now lives where she grew up even though she swore off the very idea as a teenager. She enjoys gardening and bike riding, as well as taking a turn on the local Community Theatre stage every now and again. Her husband, Todd, is her favorite person and just so happens to be the most talented person she’s ever known. She and Todd are about to open a bar, which she is sincerely hoping will be her ticket to freedom (i.e.: not teaching anymore.) She has high and sincere hopes of going to film school in the very near future to learn the finer points of the lost arts of snobbery and pretension.

Danielle Grimes - Porch Swing Media Writer and Blogger

Danielle Grimes - Porch Swing Media Writer and Blogger


Founder— D is for Delicate

Danielle Grimes is working on her bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in women’s studies at the Mississippi University for Women. She is an aspiring poet, seamstress, cat wrangler, librarian, worm farmer, herbalist, midwife, chef, and DIY-er with too much ambition and too little time. Designwise she particularly enjoys simplicity and functionality, bright colors, bold florals, and whimsy. Stylewise she prefers comfy pocket t’s, thrift store cardigans, and ballet flats. She also relishes in organization and decluttering. Her guilty pleasures include root beer, Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire novels, flannel nightgowns, and sleeping in on Sundays.

(Photo courtesy of Andy Snyder.)

Kyle Sledge - Porch Swing Media Writer and Blogger

Kyle Sledge - Porch Swing Media Writer and Blogger


Founder— JerkBurger

Kyle Sledge is a recent college graduate and has received a BFA in English with a Creative Writing emphasis from the Mississippi University for Women. He is an aspiring writer, focusing on short fiction and poetry. In his spare time, he writes electronic and hip-hop beats using Garageband. Since getting his cable cut off, he watches and re-watches the Simpsons and Arrested Development. His breakfast typically consists of cereals that a seven year old would deem to be an appropriate meal. Recently, he has become enamored with the graphic novel medium. If he were ever to be caught in a house fire, he would stop, drop and roll until the house collapses, for it’s all he’s been taught as far as fire safety goes. Currently, he resides with his girlfriend and his two cats.

(Photo courtesy of Andy Snyder.)


Turby and John - Founders and Bloggers of PorchSwing Media and Turby and John

Turby and John - Founders and Bloggers of PorchSwing Media and Turby and John

Kirby and Dawn

Founders— Turby and John

Turby and John were both born and raised in Mississippi in towns only a few miles apart. Turby grew up on chocolate milk(likely responsible for his early weight problems) and batman; John grew up on sesame street and sweet tea in a sippee cup(definitely responsible for her severe overbite). After dieting, braces, and enough of the dating world to leave them both cynical and disgusted by most humans, Turby and John met on myspace and positively hit it off. John is now a junior at the Mississippi University for Women with an undecided major that will probably result in her paying more money than is necessary. Turby, fed up with college, started this company, and works as a graphic designer on the side to supply John with the occasional dress.

(Photo Courtesy of Woeboat.)


Ed Dechert -

Ed Dechert - Porch Swing Media Writer and Blogger


Founder — Typed Slowly

Ed is a consumer of books, music, movies, and Jeopardy!-esque trivia and ephemera, who is not a critic and has not appeared on Jeopardy!, so he teaches in exchange for money. He is a reasonably happily married man, co-owner of two terrible dogs, and aficionado of pretentious and non-pretentious (read: expensive and cheap) beer alike. There are plenty of things Ed does stupidly, and he does myriad stupid things, but if he can’t do anything, he can write the shit out of some shit. Probably. Maybe. Yes. If he were a Goonie, he’d be Data. Ed is not Japanese.

Kris Lee - Founder and Blogger of The Clever Kris

Kris Lee - Porch Swing Media Network Writer and Blogger


Founder —The Clever Kris

The Clever Kris, in real life, is Kris Lee, an award-winning member of the Dramatists Guild of America and the Society for Stage Directors and Choreographers; he has also debuted two roles for the American stage. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, he was brought up in Mississippi, by a great uncle who lived in a house built beneath the “shadow of the steeple.” Consequently, he doesn’t tan that well.

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